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Case Study > Supra National Express

Transportation Company Streamlines HR Systems and Fast-Tracks Onboarding

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Supra National Express is a transportation and logistics company in Southern California committed to assisting customers with moving loads in and out of Los Angeles ports. The company also offers warehouse storage to its customers.

Customer is King

Customer service is a core value at Supra National Express, so they appreciate working with technology partners that strive to give them the kind of customer service they go above and beyond to give to their customers. And that’s just what isolved did for them. Gabby Castillo, HR manager at Supra, said that superior customer service was a huge factor in choosing isolved for their human capital management (HCM) platform. The competition couldn’t compare with price, function and service. Castillo commented, “No one could come close to isolved on price. For the value of what we got, the price was very competitive. The best out there.”

Improving the Onboarding Experience

Supra has one main office with approximately 147 employees, most of whom are full time and work hourly or salary. With that many employees and HR information scattered across multiple systems, effectively orchestrating daily HR tasks was becoming too difficult and disorganized. Castillo also remarked that they were looking to streamline their process of getting new hires onboarded.

“Being able to onboard a new hire in the same system that we use for other HR processes makes for a smoother transition for me and our new hire,” Castillo noted.  

In the process, Supra saved at least four hours per new hire with isolved Onboarding.

Reaping the Rewards

What stood out the most to Castillo was how easy and intuitive isolved’s HCM line of products are. Learning to use the system was simple. Every day the HR professionals at Supra are now able to save time and conserve effort using isolved’s HCM suite, isolved People Cloud,  so that they can put their energy back into the business. When HR spends less time onboarding new employees (approximately four hours per new hire), and searching for information (at least two hours per employee, per week), they can spend that time making sure their employees’ needs are met and focus on employee experience (EX).

With the time and effort saved using isolved People Cloud over a three-year period, this boost in productivity can lead to:

  • Expansion of HR operations up to 75 percent before hiring additional HR staff 
  • Savings of up to $60,000 on accelerated onboarding without paper processes

A Bright Future

Castillo looks forward to a future with isolved, knowing that isolved is looking to make every day easier for their customers with intelligently connected HCM tech. She says that isolved is always building and improving their platform and bringing brand new products on like Learn & Grow. With isolved Learn & Grow, employees have access to an end-to-end learning management system for education, career growth and feedback. With benefits like that, Castillo feels confident that her organization will benefit from isolved’s innovations for many more years to come.

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