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Quick Service Restaurants

isolved People Cloud effortlessly navigates today's food service world

Let isolved focus on challenges like high turnover, wage and tipping requirements, complicated scheduling between full and part-time employees, and a host of compliance demands, so you can focus on providing an exceptional guest experience.

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In today’s Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) landscape, keeping your restaurant competitive is no easy task. Consumers have a multitude of choices where to spend their hard-earned money and will usually choose the restaurant with the best guest experience. But finding and retaining the employee talent necessary to stand out from the crowd is an ongoing challenge for restaurant owners and operators.

Whether you run a QSR or a fine dining franchise, the isolved People Cloud platform lets you effortlessly navigate the complexities of today’s food service business — high turnover, wage and tipping requirements, complicated scheduling between full and part-time employees, and a host of compliance challenges — so you can continue to focus on providing an exceptional guest experience.

  • Powerful scheduling
  • Attendance management
  • Easy punch in and out
  • Applicant tracking system (ATS) with restaurant-specific job boards, social recruiting tools
  • Workflows, paperless onboarding
  • Flexible benefits including caregiver relief and deductible assistance
  • Performance-ready mobile app
  • Multiple time collection options; UV disinfection for time clocks
  • Predictive people analytics & ACA dashboards
  • Certification and skill tracking, expiry emails & notifications
  • Employee marketplace (financial wellness & wellbeing)
  • Expense management with quick reimbursements
  • On-demand pay. self-serve discounts, commuter support
  • Certification management and reporting
    • Attendance (basic schedule setup); disciplinary action tracking
    • Scheduling
    • Schedule based on certifications or teams
  • On-call shifts and automated rules
  • Automated shift differentials
  • Shift swapping
    • Workforce Scheduling with graphical dashboards
    • Team communication, career pathing, reviews, goal tracking, rewards
    • Conversational virtual assistant (HR service desk)
    • Integrations with POS and restaurant management platforms
  • Enables flexible scheduling with self-service shift swaps and real-time communication
  • Provides powerful multi-location employee scheduling to prevent location overlap while checking all the boxes for compliance and regional-specific laws
  • Provides paperless, personalized onboarding to expedite time-to-productivity
  • Reduces stress, burnout and absence through financial wellness programs 
  • Helps navigate HR/payroll complexities associated with shift work
  • Manages credential tracking and ongoing learning to facilitate succession planning
  • Ensures compliance with the latest reporting, accreditation, and regulatory requirements
  • Manages a single, continuous employee record from hire to retire
  • Delivers an adaptable employee experience across multiple work environments
  • Surfaces HR insights to mobilize retention efforts quickly and reduce impact of turnover
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