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Attracting and finding talented people for your open positions is harder than ever. Over 60% of applicants will start an online application but leave without finishing it.

Add Hire to iSolved:

  • Reduce time to fill
  • Decrease cost per hire
  • Provide a better experience for applicants
  • Increase the quality of hire
  • Compelling job templates
  • Posting your open positions in the right places


Add iSolved Hire and get the talented applicants you need, quickly. Our applicant-tracking solution makes it easy to get job postings in front of the right people with a single click. It fully integrates with iSolved, your current payroll and HR system, so it’s simple to deploy and use iSolved Hire.

“The ease of use and multitude of job boards my job is pushed to allows me to get more qualified applicants. The quality of the applicants is far better than any other solution I have used. I can ask basic qualifying questions that really helps the applicants as well! The reports are very useful. I can see where applicants may have stalled out or abandoned the application - which allows me to tweak it or remove a section that is not appealing.”

— M.M. HR Manager

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