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Introduces AI-Powered Strategy to Help Organizations of All Sizes Benefit from Intelligently Connected HCM

isolved, a Leader in the 2021 HCM Data Quadrant and highest-rated Champion in the 2021 Workforce Management Emotional Diamond from SoftwareReviews, has acquired predictive people analytics platform TrenData HR. The combination helps business leaders and HR professionals move from reactive to proactive human capital management (HCM) using sophisticated insights, simply delivered.


The acquisition will help organizations of all sizes – not just the largest enterprises – to maximize business and people outcomes from their HR data. TrenData HR harnesses external data sources and aggregates them with information from internal systems, applying sophisticated predictive artificial intelligence (AI) models to produce powerful visual insights wherever and whenever they’re needed.


“isolved integrates HR processes through an adaptive and mobile-friendly user experience in order to deliver effective HCM outcomes for employers and employees alike – in the moments that matter and all the interactions in between,” said Mark Duffell, CEO of isolved. “TrenData HR substantially strengthens our ability to deliver the benefits of intelligently connected HCM to our customers by maintaining the perfect balance between sophistication and simplicity.”


TrenData HR automates the safe and secure collection of workforce data from multiple, approved sources, including isolved People Cloud, to provide robust analytics that are visually pleasing as well as prescriptive recommendations and predictive insights on which action can then be taken – proactively. These insights can even be requested from a voice-activated conversational virtual assistant (VA) that makes use of an advanced natural language processing (NLP) engine.


HR is at the center of organizational change, and although many organizations have an abundance of people data, they only use a fraction of it,” said Tom McKeown, CEO of TrenData HR. “Midsized businesses often find that what they do have is neither usable or visible, and they certainly don’t have the people resources to do something about it. Therefore, they are left to reactive decisions based on gut feelings, without the benefit of critical data-driven insights.

“Together with isolved we change the game. Now, executives prioritizing cost optimization coming out of the pandemic can ask for strategic insights to help them more effectively budget and drive exceptional business outcomes. HR leaders will be able to better understand compliance exposure or how to become more diverse, equitable, inclusive, and foster belonging while business managers can ask questions about future-skill requirements or potential turnover in their teams.”

The workforce is ready for this functionality. When isolved surveyed HR leaders, 58 percent indicated AI will evolve HR jobs by (1) relieving them of burdensome tasks to focus on more strategic aspects of their role, (2) creating new opportunities for more technical roles and (3) improving compliance. And, when isolved surveyed full-time employees in the U.S., 83 percent were open to using a conversational VA to guide them in completing HR-related tasks.

By adding TrenData HR’s predictive people analytics and conversational interface to isolved People Cloud, every employee now has a voice or text assistant on call. Starting with a browser and mobile app, and in time, as part of the companies’ joint product roadmap, from within common work tech platforms like Microsoft Teams™, messaging platforms like Facebook’s WhatsApp™ or through IoT devices using technology like Google Assistant™.


“TrenData HR significantly advances isolved’s vision for intelligently connected HCM,” added Duffell. “It uses sophisticated technology, yet completely removes the complexity to extend the value of intelligently connected HCM into the broader work-life environment – seamlessly bringing HCM processes to where the modern workforce now hangs out.”


isolved will bring TrenData HR’s predictive people analytics as well as new donating and volunteering capabilities from its recent acquisition of Givful, together with its community of customers and partners at its annual event, isolved Connect to be held September 19-21 in Miami, FL. The full agenda is available now.


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