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iSolved Hire: Applicant Tracking

Expand and improve your hiring processes, all while connecting your new employees in an engaging and positive manner – all with Hire, a robust recruiting, hiring, and onboarding module available within the iSolved platform.

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iSolved Hire is a robust applicant tracking system that simplifies the hiring and onboarding process for small-to-midsize companies.

Post to hundreds of job boards with a single click

Organize your hiring process

Attract better candidates

Improve the applicant experience

Reduce time to hire

Decrease cost per hire

iSolved Hire makes it easy to customize application and interview questions and get to the right applicants, while providing real results.


Jobs Dashboard

The dashboard organizes all your activity.

Job Favorites

Easliy find all your Job board favorites.


Create custom job questions for your applicants.


Report every aspect of your application process.

Once you have chosen the right candidate, iSolved Hire allows you to bring your new hires onboard, successfully. With the paperless, organized workflow, your new hires enter all information, complete forms, and prepare for their new career.


Seamlessly manage all documentation, including I-9 forms

Avoid bottlenecks and increase efficiency

Provide a great user experience to your new employees

Increase data consistency


Job Favorites

Today’s human resource professionals need all the advantages they can get. iSolved will help:

  • Speed up your hiring process
  • Better manage applicants
  • Track applications

Transform the way you manage your most important asset — your people.

The iSolved Difference

iSolved is the perfect fit for small-to-mid-sized companies. We believe this size of company deserves one comprehensive human capital management solution to not only navigate today's business compliance maze, but to also efficiently handle complex workforce management needs.