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iSolved GO

Take the power of iSolved Human Capital Management with you - wherever you go. The iSolved GO mobile app is convenient for users and saves time for HR.

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Now that more employees are working remotely and on-the-go, employers are seeking solutions to accurately track their mobile employees.

Stored Logins

iSolved GO now saves your login credentials securely in the app. No more entering your login each time!

Mobile Punch

A time clock in a pocket. Employees can quickly punch in and out for work as well as for meals and breaks. Schedule and meal restrictions can also be enforced based on your company’s policies.

Update Tax Information

Employees can update their tax information via the mobile application at any time.

View PayStubs

View your complete paystub with iSolved GO and get a complete detailed look at your earnings, deductions and taxes on one easy-to-read screen.

Request Time Off

Request time off right from your phone with iSolved GO using an intuitive calendar and a feature that shows your time balance.

View Accrual Balances

View all your accrual balances with just a few taps. Each balance displays current, pending and year-to-date taken amounts along with a detailed breakdown.

iSolved GO brings the power of iSolved to your pocket.



Login directly from your mobile device. iSolved GO will even save your credentials securely.


Clock in and out from wherever you are.


Manage your time off and other benefits accruals.


Review your schedule and time worked via the time card screen.


Perform group punches as a supervisor.

Beyond ensuring correct pay for time worked, labor laws have increased the pressure on accuracy of all employee time records. In addition to an increasing number of labor grievances, FLSA, FMLA and of course the Affordable Care Act are just a few regulations that demand precise labor records – even for your mobile employees.

Plus, employers are looking to drive improved engagement and mobile platforms help achieve that goal. Employees have more access to the information they need, when they need it, without interrupting HR. Features such as Remember Previous Selections make the iSolved GO mobile app very quick to learn and use. It saves HR and payroll time, improves data accuracy and takes the guesswork out of mobile time sheets.

A few additional features you'll find in iSolved GO

We're adding new features all the time, so check back regularly.

  • Update Personal Information
    Make updates to your address and phone number directly from iSolved GO.
  • Full Offline Operation
    iSolved GO allows users to log in and create punches offline.
  • Centralized Application Configuration
    You retain centralized control over the application.
  • GPS Location
    If available, the GPS coordinates of the phone are captured and attached to the punch.

Transform the way you manage your most important asset — your people.

The iSolved Difference

iSolved is the perfect fit for small-to-mid-sized companies. We believe this size of company deserves one comprehensive human capital management solution to not only navigate today's business compliance maze, but to also efficiently handles complex workforce management needs.