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Predictive People Analytics

Your HR team has too much data and too little insight. Too often, data is unusable beyond surface-level metrics or unavailable to the people who need it most to solve real problems. The solution? Unlock the power of data to deliver powerful and actionable insights through AI-based predictive people analytics – all in real-time.

Predict Workforce Outcomes, Prepare for Trends and Put People Insights to Work

isolved Predictive People Analytics help HR and business leaders navigate a direct course from flying blind to proactive human capital management with sophisticated insights, delivered easily and directly:

  • Align recruiting and retention efforts by understanding where you are being successful and where the gaps are
  • Visualize the health of your workforce to ensure business continuity and growth
  • Examine emerging trends among key groups before they impact your business
  • Accurately forecast future scenarios and outcomes to start shaping the future, not just reacting to the past
  • Benchmark internal retention indicators against your industry or competitors to hire the best and keep them for longer
  • Better equip your organization to recruit and then retain top talent through deep analytics and predictive modeling

How Do isolved Predictive People Analytics Help Me?

If you're an HR professional, CPO/CHRO, CIO, CEO, or other business leader looking to better understand your workforce and predict, forecast, and plan for changes, then Predictive People Analytics can transform how you manage your business. isolved Predictive People Analytics deliver easy access to:

  • Better visibility and insights to make people decisions
  • Centralized metrics for one-stop action
  • Easy-to-use mobile and web dashboards
  • The ability to tie people data to financial data
  • Predictions to assist with strategic planning
  • Conversational voice-activated virtual assistant

Goodbye reports. Hello insights.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Compliance analysis

Generate an overview of your company's broad metrics against various types of industry compliance

Voice-activated-drilldown report

Review usage statistics for the voice-activated personal assistant

Turnover predictions and workforce projections

View predictions and projections for your workforce's behavior, including expected turnover rates

Talent acquisition recruitment analysis

Analyze your talent acquisition performance using tools like our recruitment analysis.

  • Talent Acquisition: Recruitment Analysis (Shown above)
  • Compliance: DEI&B Analysis (Shown above)
  • Voice-Activated Workforce Data (Shown above)
  • Turnover Predictions & Workforce Projections (Shown above)
  • Data Capturing and Data Processing
    • Payroll Data: Salary History, Profile Information
    • HR Data: Demographics, Job Titles & Positions
    • Talent Data: Skills Information, Turnover & Retention
    • Workforce Data: DEI&B Information, Hours Worked
    • LOBData: Competitive Intelligence, Census Information
    • Enrichment Data: Survey Responses, Industry Benchmarks
  • Predictive Modeling to Learn & Forecast
    • Analysis of Workforce, Employee, External and Financial Insights
  • Graphical Insights and Future Scenarios
    • Graphical Insights and Future Scenarios

Connect. Analyze. Predict.

isolved removes the cost and expertise barriers to bring you sophisticated predictive people insights by automatically aggregating data and applying advanced AI-backed prediction models. What's more, with our integral NLP-backed conversational virtual assistant (VA), it's even easier to just ask for the powerful visual key performance indicators you need to make better decisions, wherever and whenever you need them.

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