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We take the security of our customers, partners, employees and assets seriously.

Physical Safeguards

This section focuses on the physical safeguards that include mechanisms used to prevent or detect unauthorized access to physical areas, systems or assets. This may include but is not limited to security badges, locking doors, access cards, biometrics access controls, video cameras, surveillance cameras, motion sensors, fire suppression and other environmental controls like HVAC and humidity controls.

  • Facilities Access - all sites require key card and/or FOB key to access building, floor, offices and various other secured locations. All card / FOB scans register user event and are centrally stored.
  • Server / telecommunications rooms - all locations have a “server room” or telecommunications closet that houses networking, telecom and other hardware. These rooms limit access to privileged users and all access is logged.
  • Video surveillance and live monitoring - is leveraged in certain highly secure areas of the organization.
  • Hardware authentication devices - provides multifactor authentication via USB device inserted into laptops, desktops and other networked devices.
  • Security monitoring and alarms - provided for our larger locations.
  • Records management - we ensure appropriate use, retention and destruction of business records by establishing and following record management practices consistent with corporate policy and applicable law.
  • Asset destruction services - isolved utilizes asset destruction services to document how assets are disposed, and data systematically destroyed and documented.
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