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Security company finds user-friendly platform key to success

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Company growth is a top goal among business owners across all industries. However, growth can also mean complexities in payroll processing and time scheduling. The need arises for systems that meet administration requirements while also providing a positive employment experience. In fact, 91 percent of HR leaders currently rate employee experience as a top priority for their organizations.

A-Team Security & Event Services, Inc. felt this need in their company in July 2021. The Tucson, Arizona-based business offers event and security staffing for local sports, the entertainment industry and commercial properties. With 320 mostly part-time, hourly employees, scheduling and accurate payroll is key.

Seeking Streamlined Solutions

A-Team had been with isolved for payroll and timekeeping but were interested in exploring a different platform to simplify their process. They left isolved in July 2021 for Paycor.

With Paycor, A-Team thought they would benefit from an all-in-one platform that fit their unique scheduling needs. They soon found that Paycor’s promises fell short.

“Paycor over-promised and under-delivered. Their system was not as promised,” CEOO Andy Brown said. Brown is both the CEO and COO of A-Team.

In October 2021, A-Team came back to isolved for payroll and since then, they have also added onboarding, benefits and compliance services for ACA and WOTC.

“I can tell you it was nerve-racking when I made the call to come back,” Brown said. “I was worried isolved would treat me poorly with an ‘I told you so’ attitude. It was just the opposite. We were welcomed with open arms and tons of understanding. That was very refreshing and gave us huge peace of mind knowing isolved cared about us as a company, not just another number.”

Prioritizing Employee Experience

When making the decision to return to isolved, a user-friendly system and providing a seamless process for employees was top of mind.

“isolved is much more user-friendly. The salespeople know their product and deliver what they say,” Brown said.

Since returning, A-Team has grown their business and simplified processing, moving toward realizing their vision of providing excellent employee experience – from hiring to receiving their first paycheck.

Brown cites isolved’s user-friendly portal, onboarding functionality and self-service features as top tools that have allowed A-Team to cut down time spent on data-entry and focus on strategic initiatives.

Reaching Business Goals

With the addition of onboarding services, A-Team has moved from a paper, in-person process to an automated, easy experience for both their employees and HR team. By implementing onboarding automation, it can be estimated A-Team saves 12-15 hours per month.

With more time available and less burden placed on HR and office staff, A-Team is reaching its organizational goals.

“The onboarding, payroll process, easy-to-produce reporting, ACA and benefits all take less time, allowing us to focus on growing business,” Brown said. “When we spend more time calling customers than calling our employees, business grows.”

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