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Multi-State Manufacturer Simplifies Payroll with isolved

Barreto Manufacturing isolved

Talented employees work hard—and they rightfully expect to get compensated quickly and accurately for their efforts. However, effectively managing payroll can be a major task for growing companies. In fact, we found that 31 percent of employees say their company frequently makes payroll and attendance errors.

Barreto Manufacturing Inc. manufactures innovative landscaping equipment that’s engineered to endure. Founded in 1984, the company has focused on innovative design, durable equipment and quality employees. With an emphasis on providing best-in-class quality and service, the company needs to keep its employees happy.

A growing workforce can make it difficult to seamlessly pay your people. isolved has made it easy for Barreto Manufacturing to pay their employees and grow their business.   

An Agile Solution

Operating a small business means you need a wide range of employees to fill a wide range of needs. Barreto Manufacturing has over 195 employees and is looking to add to its talent roster. They have employees that are full-time salaried, full-time hourly and part-time hourly. Additionally, the company has locations in multiple states. These factors can make processing payroll a challenge.

With isolved, Barreto eases their administrative burden through automatic tax calculation, filing and payments to various agencies. By using isolved’s payroll solution, the company can take advantage of eligible tax credits and reduce the risk of penalties for inaccurate payments.

Easy to Use

Powerful HCM software doesn’t need to be complex—which is why isolved’s solution is designed to be intuitive and adaptive. In fact, Barreto Manufacturing’s HR Manager, Dave Tierce, credits isolved’s ease of use with helping him shift career paths. “Having started this new career while in my 40s, I think isolved has played a big part in being able to figure things out and be successful,” he said.

Simple Self Service

Many HR teams find themselves fielding repetitive questions from employees when it comes to payroll. isolved’s solution makes it easy for employees to access important information, such as personal data, pay stubs, W-2 forms and paid time off balances.

When asked about his vision for HR and the employee experience at his company, Tierce saidI would like to get more employees using isolved’s platform to answer their own questions.  It would in turn free up some of my time.” This allows HR teams like Barreto’s to focus on higher-touch, bigger-picture initiatives. “The ease of use frees me up to focus on the other things I need to do. The fact that I don’t have a lot of problems with isolved takes a worry away,” Tierce said. 

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