iSolved with Mojo energizes your culture and truly transforms your company.

That's mojo.

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Simple to use.
Powerful technology.
Transforms your company culture.

iSolved HCM solutions were designed for today's employer. It helps your organization deliver a better work life and get the employee mojo going. iSolved provides payroll, HR, time tracking, and benefits, unified in one solution for a better user experience.

Employees want tools that help them stay connected, share ideas, seek help, and collaborate. Employers want to improve productivity, find, retain, and develop top talent, and reward innovation and success. iSolved with Mojo makes it easier to deliver on all of these needs and wants, energizing your company culture.

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You can customize your solution by adding valuable bundles that power up the platform and provide additional HCM features to meet your company's needs. Add compliance, talent acquisition functionality, advanced reporting and analytics, managed benefits such as COBRA and FSA, and more.

With one solution that does it all, iSolved is the ideal solution for your company. You won't outgrow it.

Business Challenge: Energizing Your Culture

Sharing is caring.

In that touchy-feely you're more profitable kinda way.

Company culture is now the number one reason employees take a job, leave a job, and/or excel at a job.

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Culture. It could not be more important. But, what is it? This "thing" people have a difficult time defining, is what creates that energizing feeling of firing on all pistons, working in the zone, collaborating, and belonging. It's your mojo.

iSolved with Mojo is a people-centric solution that delivers on the promise of a better work life, which enables you to flip a switch and have everyone in the company connected, informed, involved, and empowered to do their best.

That's the iSolved with Mojo platform.

Business Challenge: Connecting Virtual Teams

Remote workers aren't even remotely remote.

Connect your vitual teams with mojo.

As of today, you can liberate yourself from thinking of people in terms of remote worker, or virtual employee, or off-site.

Everyone is in the same space with Mojo. Same working environment, same shared information, even the same head space; because your goals, culture and mission are ever-present.

That's the iSolved with Mojo platform.

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Business Challenge: Driving Culture Change

Learning satisfies yearning, improves earning, & reduces churning.

iSolved with mojo will help everyone get the most out of their job.

Brain drain, availablity of qualified applicants, and internal skill levels are impacting your potential.

The solution is clear. Develop from within. We see this one area as the most overlooked, or perhaps more accurately—dropped, because with so many other immediate priorities this seems like one you can get away with. Or get back to. Or, it's just too difficult to address given time, financial, and business pressures.

That's the iSolved with Mojo platform.

70 percent of CEOs see the availablity of key skills as a threat to growth

Now you can 180 degree your perception of Learning and Performance with the iSolved with Mojo platform that makes it into an outright highlight.

Business Challenge: Successful Merger & Acquisitions

You're about to make your best acquisition.

Successful mergers & acquisitions with mojo.

“Experts” love to say: M&A's are good for business but not good for employees. We refuse to accept that and you can too.

The entire point of merging and/or acquiring is to succeed, outcompete, produce profitably, gain advantage. Yet the main asset acquired, people, is not usually leveraged. At least not swiftly and definitely not smoothly. It's often described as herding cats.

With iSolved with Mojo you can avoid that entire disorganized process, without a scratch. Instead of throwing a bunch of strangers together and expecting them to figure it out (or quit, or flail, or cause problems)—you can have every person in the company immediately connected, informed, empowered, and involved to do their best. Using methods we all understand and use every day (posting, liking, social, contacts, photos, email, calendars, surveys, crowd- sourcing, etc.) merged into a single platform that's instantly deployable across the whole organization.

46% of employees state a sense of belonging is a top factor in staying with a company

Instead of being submerged, newly merged employees interact with a real-time, always-on, living, breathing mission statement for the company. One that's actionable. You just acquired your mojo.

Business Challenge: Attract & Retain Top Talent

Finders Keepers

Attract and retain top talent.

If you want to create a workplace that attracts the best, develops the best, and keeps them—it's time to get your mojo.

If it's really all about people, then recruitment is pretty damn important.


Finding new hires is a job unto itself. A big one. An important one. It creates the makeup of your company hire by hire. And it is the impression you give to the market based on how you deal with each applicant. (No pressure.)

There are legal compliance issues too. You need serious mojo to get this job right.
iSolved with Mojo has a packed resumé to guide and support you throughout the recruitment process. From job description creation, collecting & managing incoming applications, to sifting, co-reviewing, and actually replying. Procedures, prompts, and processes are ready to deploy and employ.


So you found some great people to work with. Now you gotta keep 'em. That means keeping your team happy, involved, acknowledged, and yes—developed.

Did you know, at least 55% of people currently employed say they're willing to leave their job because of skill stagnation?

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How many of those people are inside your organization right now? The beautiful thing about this finding is that it aligns with what CEOs and managers want too.

Business Challenge: Managing Rapid Growth

No Mo, Slow Mo.

Upend status quo to really grow—with mojo.

Imagine this: a people-centric platform that connects every single individual throughout the company.

Inside your company right now, resulting from extreme pressures to succeed and grow, is very likely a resulting chaos, perhaps controlled chaos, and at best, managed growth (well done).

And then there's the brass ring of managed rapid growth — made possible with iSolved with Mojo.

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There's definitely a difference between “more” and actual growth. Adding to your headcount isn't growth. Simply multiplying isn't the same as thriving.

iSolved with Mojo is a people-centric platform that connects every single individual throughout the company. Same information, full access to mission, expectations, tools, feedback, learning, and each other. Resources become available to everyone. Goals are seen and actionable. Ideas explode. Desired behavior gets recognized and galvanized. Teams needing help can ask for it (and get it). Undesired behavior gets a fast fix.

Business Challenge: Organizational Transformation

Go from an organization, to a Moreganization.

Transformation is no longer corporate speak.

Let us help you get MORE out of your team by injecting some serious mojo. More ideas, More collaboration, More energy. Mojo.

You've got vision. Goals to meet. Benchmarks to blow past. But how the hell does that get into the minds and DNA of your team?

Imagine every person in the company connected, informed, empowered, trained, involved, tapped-into, praised, and motivated to do their best. On mission. Using methods we all understand and use every day (posting, liking, social, email, calendars, surveys, crowd-sourcing, sharing, etc.) combined into a platform that's instantly deployable across the whole company.

It's Possible. It's Transformational. It's Mojo.

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It's the best product we've ever made. Our own company transformed using mojo internally for years and now we're sharing it with you.

One Solution. Completely Scalable.

Before iSolved, your employee information existed in separate systems requiring exporting, importing, duplicate data entry, multiple software applications, and several different logins. iSolved takes away the pain, time and errors of that process by providing a completely consolidated human capital management solution.

iSolved provides real-time data for better decisions about your workforce, improving employer-employee relationships. It delivers on the promise of a better work life with social-centric features, including a lively feed wall, tools for sharing ideas and knowledge, surveys, and recognition. iSolved delivers an elegant, highly intuitive, end-to-end workforce management experience.

iSolved also makes it easy to manage your critical workforce tasks, including payroll, HR, benefits, and time tracking, along with applicant-tracking and onboarding, compliance, learning management, and more. iSolved with Mojo energizes your culture and truly transforms your company.

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Imagine the ability to preview payroll with just one click, anywhere, anytime. With iSolved, you can quickly process payroll, including taxes, garnishments, and more.

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Human Resources

Completely manage all aspects of your workforce with a single data source. This gives you an unprecedented view of your employees and saves you from the need to import data multiple times or import and export from multiple systems.

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Benefits Enrollment

The iSolved benefits enrollment process increases employee engagement. Checks and reporting help smooth out the complexities of your open enrollment period.

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Time and Attendance

Extremely robust time and attendance features allow you to collect, manage, and process your employee time. It's a feature-rich application that integrates seamlessly with the other core modules.

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Get your employee mojo going! Build connections. Unleash innovation. Transform your company.

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