Complementing the Release of a Significant Research Report on Technology Usage and User Experience, isolved Debuts Its Latest AI Capabilities

In its 26th Annual Human Resources (HR) Systems Survey research, Sapient Insights Group reported that 65% of HR teams are not currently realizing the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) features within their HR management system (HRMS). The biggest barrier to leveraging AI is the lack of knowledge or understanding of how to utilize it. To enable much wider adoption of AI in HR, payroll and benefits administration, isolved is already delivering on its AI roadmap and vision announced in June of this year. isolved customers will be previewing extended AI capabilities this week at its customer and partner conference, Connect. Among the most impactful capabilities for overworked HR teams in small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) businesses are:

isolved Analytics Everywhere™ – embedding AI-powered predictive and prescriptive analytics in the day-to-day flow of work to guide and support HR teams.

AI-powered candidate and job matching – simplifying and accelerating the often time-consuming process of parsing resumes and matching them with open roles based on needed skills, as well as auto-creation of job descriptions.

Generative AI-based learning experiences – supporting much-needed employee skills development and workforce readiness with adaptive learning, course recommendation, feedback and dynamic assessment.

This AI strategy builds on and improves the exceptional experience of isolved People Cloud™. In addition to ranking at the top of the industry for vendor satisfaction in payroll, HRMS, time management and onboarding for SMBs, isolved also ranked number-one in user experience for the second consecutive year across those same categories in the Sapient Insights Group report. Adding to customer satisfaction is their adoption of People Cloud. Across multiple categories in the Annual HR Systems Survey research, isolved customers use the tools they invested in more fully than any other vendor – helping customers realize the full potential of their investment. Now, isolved seeks to have the highest AI adoption for SMBs.

“Since isolved has the highest level of adoption across critical areas of business operation like payroll, time management and employee experience, it puts us in a unique position to enable more organizations to utilize the power of AI through People Cloud,” said Pragya Gupta, Chief Product Officer of isolved. “No one understand SMBs more than isolved, and we are dedicated to reducing complexity and unknowns for People Heroes.”

The power of AI to transform the day-to-day experience of HR, payroll and benefits professionals, as well as every single employee, is only just beginning to be realized by businesses. isolved customers will be at the forefront of accessing not just the operational benefits of this emerging technology but also the power of AI to connect HR leaders more directly and centrally to overall business strategy.

In addition to demonstrating the extended AI-enhanced capabilities of People Cloud at Connect, isolved is also sharing significant new research into HR technology usage. Stacey Harris, lead author of the aforementioned report and Chief Research Officer and Managing Partner of Sapient Insights Group, is taking the Connect keynote stage today to further share information from the report told from the practitioner’s perspective – representing 2,310 unique organizations.

“There’s no better voice than that of the customer,” said Harris. “With thousands of practitioners completing this year’s report, we can confidently say that HR complexity has increased. Vendors like isolved that can reduce that complexity, increase adoption of the tools they have, and help practitioners realize the power of AI on their way to becoming a strategic voice in their organizations, will continue to see higher rates of customer satisfaction.”

An HRMS Segment Report of the 2023-2024 Annual HR Systems Whitepaper will be available on as the report becomes available for distribution. To continue learning, download new employee-based research with, “Voice of the Workforce: Keys to Better Employee Experience”.

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