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How to Help Clients with the Complexities of Leave Management

Friday April 26th, 2024

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Fifty-nine percent of HR decision-makers work with an HR advisor and 56% work with a benefits broker according to isolved’s Fourth Annual HR Leaders survey. Among the top drivers for working with these trusted business partners is the need for assistance with ensuring compliance.

While there are many compliance considerations HR leaders need to account for, leave administration—including the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)—is an important and time-consuming one. For HR advisors and benefits brokers, this means understanding key compliance requirements, emerging trends and exposure concerns can have a major impact on overall client relationships. Read below for tips on how to assist.

Understanding What is Required 

It’s important that your clients are aware of the various responsibilities needed for leave management. They must be educated on the complexities of FMLA and other relevant laws, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), to ensure proper accommodation for employees' medical and family needs. Adequate training for managers and supervisors is crucial, as they play a significant role in day-to-day leave management. 

Proper documentation and recordkeeping are also essential for leave management. It’s important that your clients maintain accurate records of leave requests, medical certifications and any other relevant documentation. This documentation helps prevent leave abuse by employees, ensures compliance with laws and provides a clear record of leave history. 

Keeping an Eye Out for Mistakes 

It’s vital that your clients are aware of common mistakes made in leave management. For example, denying leave requests without considering eligibility or questioning the validity of requests can lead to legal issues. Employers must treat all leave requests seriously and provide employees with the necessary support and accommodations. Additionally, they must avoid assuming what qualifies for leave and ensure compliance with notice requirements for foreseeable leave. 

Navigating leave management and FMLA compliance can be complex, but it is crucial to prevent potential legal consequences. As a trusted advisor, it’s important to help clients in developing a compliance plan to avoid mistakes and ensure adherence to the law. 

When Outsourcing is Key 

Outsourcing leave management to a trusted business partner can be beneficial for many reasons. Certified HR professionals can handle the administrative burdens associated with leave management, including compliance with FMLA regulations and documentation. isolved provides technology to streamline leave requests and ensure compliance while allowing employers to retain control over their company leave policies. 

Leave management is of utmost importance for HR managers. Compliance with FMLA and other relevant laws is essential to protect both employees and employers. By understanding employer responsibilities, guiding clients with professional assistance and helping them utilize outsourcing services, brokers can help HR managers navigate the complexities of leave management and maintain a legally compliant workplace. 

To learn more, watch the full on-demand webinar here.  

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