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5 Things You Should Discuss With Your Team

Tuesday August 23rd, 2016

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Every HR manager across the globe knows that feedback is what makes or breaks a business. Without feedback, we’d probably still believe that manual labor is the most efficient way to accomplish any task.

Since you already know that feedback is important, we’re going to go over five important things about which you should talk to your team members that many managers overlook. We’ll examine why these conversations are important and how they benefit the company and the employee.

Company Communication

This one is a bit of a no-brainer, but asking your employees about their satisfaction regarding company communication is critical. Communication is everything when it comes to getting feedback. Do they feel that their voices are being heard? Do they feel that the communication from the company is clear, concise, and easy to implement? If not, it might be time to rethink the communication strategy.

Clarifying company communication will allow your organization start speaking your employee’s language and begin building a better rapport with your talent. Your employees will feel a greater sense of appreciation from a company that makes an effort to communicate and include them.


Diversity is an important aspect of a healthy and successful company. Have you talked to your employees about diversity lately? How do they feel about diversity in the workplace? Are they struggling to see the importance of a diverse workforce?

We live in a diverse and multicultural world. The current American workforce is made up of individuals from various cultural backgrounds, genders, ages, and religions. Embracing this diversity allows companies to emphasize the importance of harmony between employees in order to maximize collaborative strategizing and efficiency. Discussing diversity with your employees allows your organization to demonstrate your acceptance of the world’s cultures and behaviors. This acceptance is beneficial from a public relations standpoint and an HR standpoint, as acceptance of differences demonstrates that your company will advocate for protected groups and provide meaningful opportunities for these individuals.


Are you still using Windows XP? How is that affecting your team members? Outdated technology can negatively impact your employees and your organization with regards to efficiency and moral. When the tech is out of date, your team is probably running out of patience. Talk to your team members about the technology that they are using. How has their experience been? If the technology is newer, is more training needed? Are they able to utilize the technology in a way that streamlines their day-to-day tasks?

Digital tech is the way of the future. If your company and your team members are using technology that allows them to maximize their efficiency and allows for a more pleasant working environment, you’re going to have happier employees. It’s as simple as that. Have the technology discussion with your team members.


There is always room for improvement. We live in a world that provides ample opportunities for myriads of improvements in business. What are your team members’ ideas for improving the company? Are there specific areas that need improvement? What are they, and what are their recommendations?

Getting your team members involved in the improvements made in your company allows them to take stock in the organization. The company becomes more than just a source of income; it becomes a source of pride. Talk to your team about how they can help the company grow and improve.

Team Members

Last, but certainly not least, it’s important talk to your team members about how they are doing. Checking in with your team members shows genuine concern for their wellbeing, both personally and professionally. Show each person that he/she is more than just another employee; show that every employee is a valued member of the team, and that his/her contributions are greatly appreciated.

Ask them about their career goals. Discuss the various career paths that are available within your organization, and talk about milestones to achieve in order to begin the journey down those career paths.

Talk to your employees about all facets of the organization. Collecting meaningful feedback allows your organization to maximize the input of team members and provides opportunities for employees to invest in their careers. What topics will you discuss with your team members?

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