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Assisted Living Facility Optimizes Time and Scheduling for Better Patient Care

Thursday February 8th, 2024

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When implementing powerful HCM tools, payroll can be a great place to start for many organizations. But once that is in place, many leaders find themselves asking what next? For Friends LifeCare Partners, adding on additional tools has been a game-changer for improving their processes and providing excellent employee experience. 

Friends LifeCare Partners, based in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, is not a traditional continuing care retirement community or assisted living facility. Their business serves older individuals by helping them stay in the comfort of their own home and get the support they need. Friends LifeCare serves all of Delaware and the Greater Philadelphia region and is made up of 34 remote and hybrid employees.  

Leveraging Powerful HCM 

When Mary Beth Quirk joined the Friends LifeCare team in 2019, isolved was already implemented but there was still room for improvement. isolved was only operating as a payroll system with no other HRIS features in place. The previous HR administrator had been tracking time off on paper sheets, organized by name in a drawer.  

“As soon as I got comfortable, we began a plan of how I could expand what isolved offers. It took a couple of months but that [isolved Time & Labor Management combined with Scheduling] was one of the first things that we did. We integrated that and made it so that everyone can submit their time in the system, and supervisors could approve or deny it in the system. There are no more records to print and keep track of in a spreadsheet,” said Quirk.   

isolved Time & Labor Management, coupled with isolved Scheduling, can help reduce the time spent managing schedules and monitoring attendance by providing flexible options and valuable insights to keep businesses running smoothly. Combined with insights on availability and request status, both managers and employees benefit from an all-in-one system that allows for collaboration.   

Becoming Strategic with HR 

isolved has also helped Friends LifeCare Partners solve challenges with expense management, benefits and onboarding, all while aiding in increased retention and reduced time spent on HR tasks.  

The robust HCM system allows Quirk to set up all benefit plans at once, driving enrollments and deductions throughout the system, while the onboarding solution provides analytics, templates and wizards to ensure consistency and compliance as her new employees are onboarded. Expense management offers the Friends LifeCare Partners team peace of mind when it comes to employment laws by complying with regulations, and maximizing employee participation in expense reporting without the need for additional software. 

Quirk stated that the hours isolved has saved her is phenomenal. “It took the bulk of my job, which was tracking a lot of these things, besides just processing them, and made them automated. It freed up my time so I could take on more responsibility in other aspects of the company because I’ve been able to automate so much,” explained Quirk. 

Empowering Employees 

Self-service for employees is one of the reasons Quirk believes isolved works so well for her company. “Once they [employees] know how to navigate that system, it’s really self-reliant and they feel a little more independence not having to come to us as much.” 

As a Quaker-based organization, it’s important to Friends LifeCare Partners that Quaker values are integrated throughout the company. Part of that value system involves employee empowerment. Through isolved’s Adaptative Employee Experience, employees can make changes themselves for a faster, simpler experience.  

Quirk is also an active member of the People Heroes community, a virtual community that allows customers to network with other customers in a forum setting. Quirk explained that by having the ability to speak with other isolved customers, she can solve issues, receive feedback, or improve her own processes by using other users’ advice. “It really is a community and built off that feedback,” says Quirk. 

Ready to learn more? Read the Friends LifeCare Partners Case Study or watch the full IRL webinar. Check out testimonials to hear from more People Heroes.  

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