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Beyond ROI - Additional Time and Attendance Benefits

Tuesday March 17th, 2015

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In Does Your Time and Attendance Add up, we reviewed the difference between hard and soft dollars and their effect on ROI.  In conclusion, we’ll review the time and attendance benefits and savings a system can produce.    

Playing favorites

Using a manual time system increases the risk of favoritism and can definitely have a negative impact on workplace morale.  We’ve all seen it.  The supervisor promoted from within now lets his buddy slide on some of the rules.  Or one department manager is lax on enforcement while another is a strictly by the book.  Either way, it negatively impacts morale, and study after study has confirmed poor morale leads to higher absenteeism and lower productivity.  All of which costs your organization money.

One huge benefit of automating your time and attendance process is consistent enforcement of both pay and attendance policies.  Although employees may begrudge punching a time clock, they do appreciate that the supervisor’s buddy can no longer get paid for time not worked.  The elimination of favoritism and accurate payments will help improve the morale of your workforce. 

Oh yeah, prove it!

Trying to improve employee’s behavior or hand down some form of discipline without solid facts to backup your case is difficult at best and downright risky.  Every employer has to deal with difficult employees and should be aware that doing so without proper documentation weakens your position.

Here’s a short list of time and attendance benefits:

  • Employee’s late arrivals and early departures are automatically captured and reported.
  • Attendance reports are easily generated for a month, quarter or year as part of an employee’s review process.
  • Attendance reports presented in calendar format helps supervisors spot trends before they become issues.  Does your football fan always punch in late on Tuesday (Monday night football anyone?).
  • Spot your employees with perfect attendance for bonus programs.

Remember that this data is impartial since it was captured via an automated system. 

The Labor Review Board wants your attendance records

Opening that audit notice letter is bad enough, but how are you going to actually comply with the demand?  You can go to the record store room, pull out a dozen boxes, sort though the time sheets, organize them, photocopy them, etc.  It's tiring just thinking about it!

Or, you log into your time and attendance system, go to the reports screen, select your dates and click run.  Which one would you prefer?  With the electronic record keeping of a time and attendance system you can quickly drill down to the data you need.  Need to view John Doe’s timecard for the week of August 19, 2014?  No problem.  Your boss wants to see the overtime by department for last quarter?  Done.

It saves money

Have you ever paid a union grievance or a fine to your state’s department of labor because of labor violations (e.g., failed to pay overtime)?  The error free, consistent calculations of a time and attendance system will help reduce and prevent these avoidable expenses.

Not only do time and attendance systems help you efficiently and accurately pay your employees, it helps you manage and operate your workforce with consistency.

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