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Consulting Group Improves Customer Experience through Employee Experience Initiatives

Thursday January 25th, 2024

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When considering HCM providers, it’s important to consider what is necessary – and what is not. HCM capabilities are constantly growing to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. While larger companies may need robust systems with many customization options, smaller businesses often need a simplified approach. For Prism Consulting, uncomplicated payroll processing was the goal.  

Joa Garcia is an individual HR Consultant and the founder of Prism Consulting. Prism Consulting provides HR, bookkeeping and operational support for small businesses and is currently working with six Jimmy John’s franchises in Viriginia. Garcia administers their payroll administration through the isolved HCM platform, covering between 125-155 employees, the majority of which are part-time variable hourly employees. 

Finding a Best-Fit Payroll Solution 

With poor customer service, response times and slow loading modules, Garcia knew the ADP solution her Jimmy John’s client had in place was only hindering their growth. That’s when they started to evaluate Paylocity and isolved as their next HCM solution of choice.  

 “We went with isolved because of the ease of use and training,” Garcia said. “There are not too many bells and whistles that drag down the quality of the product.”

Garcia reflected on the challenges the company brought with it when first implementing isolved, explaining the complexity of its payroll with the employees’ various pay raises, rates and positions.  

“I went from spending eight to ten hours on payroll to spending three to four with isolved,” Garcia said. “We went from paying all of our stores under one parent company to splitting it into six different locations, and I’m still saving time doing six individual payrolls.”  

isolved payroll allows HR leaders to process payroll in a few simple clicks, reducing the burden of keeping up with employment tax rates, calculating liabilities, generating reports and executing payments. Essential data from isolved People Cloud, including wages, withholdings and hours worked, automatically flows into payroll, offering confidence that processing will be accurate and on-time.  

Ensuring Compliance & Excellent EX 

ACA Compliance, Onboard & Develop and Benefits Enrollment & Administration have also been a help to Garcia’s clients.  

“I love isolved for a couple of different reasons,” Garcia said. “I use all of the isolved reports for every state and federal tax return I have to submit.”  

Benefit Enrollment & Administration and ACA Compliance through isolved People Cloud has brought Gracia organized enrollment and benefit eligibility tracking to help keep Prism Consulting in compliance. It also provides employee self-service, allowing employees to review options and enroll in benefits from anywhere at any time.  

isolved’s Onboard & Develop solution has allowed Garcia to automatically populate new hire records with applicant tracking information, manage compliance documentation and eliminate paper forms with built-in I-9 processing.  

“We were lucky to have isolved simplify the entire process and to make things super easy,” Garcia said.  

When asked what Garcia’s main reason she would recommend isolved would be, she said: “The simplicity isolved brings to the table makes a huge difference. I want to commend isolved on how quickly I get a response back when I put in a support request. I get answers in 24 hours and usually the issues are completely resolved. The support is amazing, and I really appreciate that piece of it.” 

Ready to hear more from isolved People Heroes? Check out customer testimonials and watch the full webinar with Prism Consulting.  

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