Do You Have the People Insights You Need? Perhaps Your Workplace Should Be Intelligently Connected.

Tuesday July 13th, 2021

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As consumers, we have little patience for experiences that don’t work the way we expect them to, that aren’t instinctively intuitive. As employees, we’ve always been conditioned to accept the way things are at work – systems that are often outdated, siloed approaches, broken or manual processes – but that must now change, and change fast. Otherwise, businesses risk retention problems and associated revenue loss. In the U.S. where the pandemic is beginning to recede and economic activity including demand for skilled workers starts to grow again, as many as 1 in 4 employees is planning to look for opportunities with a new employer, according to Prudential Financial’s Pulse of the American Worker survey.

Worse still, without the ability to understand the impact of these problems, many businesses are flying blind when it comes to managing their most precious asset – their employees. Aggregated, automated and actionable intelligence is often the missing thread that can improve every part of the employee experience, helping keep workers connected and invested, and HR professionals out in front.

Unfortunately, not every HR department can afford focused data analysts or elaborate business intelligence platforms, and what systems investment they do get is often deployed to modernize and integrate key processes in the areas of core HR, workforce, engagement, and performance management.   

But that all changes with isolved’s acquisition of predictive people analytics provider TrenData HR, because we have significantly enhanced our ability to infuse intelligence into the modern, connected workplace so our customers can gain the essential insights they need – without any specialist skills or need for extra staff. 

Because we built isolved People Cloud around the concept of what we call “Intelligently Connected HCM” it provides a single source of truth for everything from compliance and compensation to scheduling and surveys, so that HR professionals can immediately benefit from predictive insights on talent acquisition, employee turnover and workforce forecasting, as well as prescriptive recommendations on compliance and DEI&B matters. 

The inclusion of the TrenData HR predictive people analytics platform enables isolved People Cloud to more directly aggregate and analyze information from HCM processes and beyond, including key financial metrics. That means it can deliver packaged, actionable, visually pleasing, and easy-to-understand metrics that only get smarter over time as the platform learns about each organization and its workforce trends. In other words, it begins to provide the exact personalized and ever more accurate insights HR professionals now need and we as employees demand.

Our goal at isolved is simple: we are only focused on delivering the “real-world” benefits that come with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) but in a way that’s seamless to both employers and employees. By embedding machine-learning algorithms we remove intricacy yet add impact and intelligence.

The practical applications are many, but some highlights include:

• The TrenData HR analytic platform not only delivers advanced people insights but also seamless, powerful voice navigation via a virtual assistant so that HR professionals and employees need simply to “ask for” the information they want to see.

• The platform can provide managers with attrition prediction assistance to help with succession planning and can evaluate and carry out skill-to-need matchmaking to help ensure the right talent is recruited.

• When coupled with isolved People Cloud’s data, customers will be able to get comprehensive benchmark analytics to help them source and secure talent.

This is the beauty of real-world AI: It is sophisticated, but it completely removes the complexity of operation. The acquisition of TrenData HR truly lets us harness the promise of AI to solve today’s HR and business challenges simply, directly and powerfully.

isolved believes in getting out of people’s way except when they need us, and then making it as convenient and as easy as possible to get their work done. TrenData HR is our first step in bringing the power of AI into today’s work-life fabric to further remove friction from the employee experience.  

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