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How isolved is Handling COVID-19 and Serving Customers

Friday April 24th, 2020

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COVID-19 has resulted in an unprecedented situation, leaving employers scrambling to keep business moving while keeping their employees safe. At iSolved, we’ve been working diligently to provide employers with the resources they need to maintain some sense of normalcy through the unique situation. 

Our COVID-19 toolkit has been a crucial resource for our customers, providing the latest legislative updates around the situation and how employers are required to comply with new changes. Additionally, the toolkit includes tips to manage a newly remote workforce, answers to frequently asked questions, and features available within the iSolved platform that help employers manage the changes. These include Mojo, a social-centric way to keep teams connected and collaborative, an extensive learning management system with online courses, COBRA services handled by a company with over 30 years of experience, and People Services, a real human solution backed by HR professionals.

COBRA is another area that has created challenges for employers, especially those who have had to lay off or furlough members of their workforce. Knowing when COBRA laws apply and when to offer coverage can protect an organization from stiff penalties and fines. Infinisource Benefit Services, iSolved HCM’s sister company, offers COBRA management that ensures compliance with all COBRA laws and regulations while providing what employees need during times of transition.

As an iSolved Preferred Partner, you can feel confident that the clients you refer to iSolved have what they need to manage any situation that may arise and stay in compliance with the ever-changing legislations.

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