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isolved Hire Brings New Opportunities to the Recruitment Process

Tuesday July 3rd, 2018

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Successful businesses are always expanding, and as a business owner, you need the right skills and resources at your disposal. A strong team of employees is important to your success – especially as you're working to grow your business and achieve your goals. According to research from the Economic Graph Team, the employment rate of hiring has risen by 19.8 percent since last year.

With the increased rate of hiring comes the dilemma of trying to recruit the best employees that the corporate world has to offer. And competition is fierce. A multitude of companies are striving for new prospects that will help them best their competitors and excel in the business world.

So how does a company succeed in attracting the right recruit for their company? One solution is improving hiring and recruiting processes. Many companies are stuck in the past when it comes to these practices, using outdated methods while hoping to attract top talent. 

iSolved Hire makes it easy to not only attract potential employees that have the skills they need but also recruit skilled individuals in specific niches. Additionally, this module integrates with iSolved, the robust human capital management (HCM) platform and offers a better hiring rate. iSolved Hire also includes onboarding functionality, eliminating all the paperwork that comes with the onboarding process with a truly paperless method. 

iSolved Hire is very user friendly. When you post an open position, the system can help you find the applicants. Those applicants can then use the robust system to submit applications instantly. All information integrates across the iSolved platform for time tracking, payroll, benefits enrollment, and human resources, eliminating the need for data importing or exporting or duplicate entry. 

On your side, you can use job description templates to get open positions posted faster. It's easy to review all applicants for specific positions and review their detailed information to pick the best one. 

iSolved Hire is truly is an asset for finding, recruiting and bringing on new hires in the areas you need. Not only does this platform offer a way to easily recruit employees, it also helps bring everything together for the onboarding process. Learn more about the iSolved Hire platform!

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