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isolved IRL: A Health Center’s Move to Strategic HR

Thursday January 4th, 2024

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When it comes to small human resources teams, the right combination of software and services can take over-burdened administrative processes to an organized, successful HR strategy. As companies grow, HR needs grow with them. Adding on tools designed for specific organizational needs can be what teams need to bring the focus to more strategic goals.  

Southeast Mississippi Rural Health Initiative (SeMRHI), based in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, is a network of federally qualified community health centers. Their mission is to provide quality, primary and preventative health services to communities in the Southeast across 17 locations. SeMRHI focuses on specialty services, including women’s healthcare, pharmacy customers, dental, behavioral and vision healthcare. Their employee workforce is made up of 245, mainly full-time employees, across multiple disciplines. 

Streamlining with Automation 

With only four HR staff members, SeMRHI needed a lot of automation to help support the needs of their 245 employees, and using only isolved’s Time & Labor Management wasn’t cutting it. 

“Having 17 sites comes with many moving parts, and we needed the software to support everyone,” explained Kimberly Crawford, SeMRHI’s Director of Human Resources.  

The HR staff members at SeMRHI were buried in day-to-day operations and were in desperate need of automation. SeMRHI’s HR is not alone in feeling the burden of HR administration. According to a recent survey, 42 percent of HR professionals spend half, or more, of their day answering repetitive questions. Fifty one percent say retaining talent is harder than one year ago and 51 percent of HR leaders say their employees are less motivated than one year ago.  

The most successful HR teams are becoming more responsive, efficient, data-driven, strategic and are better enabled to engage employees and improve productivity. HCM solutions are becoming the key to help organizations accomplish all the above.  

Seeing the Results 

SeMRHI went on to implement isolved People Cloud and saw a profound impact on saving company time.  

“At the end of every year, we were loading schedules manually. This took a couple of months worth of time for the staff to do. This excel document was 45,000 rows of employee data,” explained Crawford. “isolved has helped us automate it so now it’s just two clicks.” 

Crawford went on to explain the rural locations of SeMRHI are not able be visited easily by HR. Now with isolved Learn & Grow, Crawford can upload training videos and train directly online, creating tests and managing employee progress as well. By adding in the LMS solution, SeMRHI is providing opportunities for collaboration, feedback and learning, keeping their employees knowledgeable and empowered.  

When asked why Crawford would recommend isolved to others, she spoke to the benefits of having multiple platforms under one umbrella, great customer service and fast response times. “We appreciate the partnership and look forward to moving forward with isolved.” 

Want to hear the full story from Southeast Mississippi Rural Health? Watch the isolved IRL webinar.   

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