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isolved IRL: Nursing Home Saves Time, Boosts Employee Experience

Thursday January 11th, 2024

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Simplified payroll is a top goal of many organizations. For the healthcare industry, it can be crucial to ensure must-have tasks like payroll are running smoothly – guaranteeing time and resources will be available to focus on patient care.  

Mountainview Nursing Home in Spartanburg, South Carolina is a nonprofit skilled nursing care center. Their center serves Medicare and Medicaid residents, providing care to those who need it, regardless of their ability to pay or the severity of the treatment they need. 

Paperless Payroll 

Mountainview Nursing Home has a complex payroll process, including: three shifts, double time, overtime, salaried employees, hourly part-time employees and employees who work as needed.  

When other HCM services failed to live up to their claims and simplify payroll, Mountainview partnered with isolved. With this change, the organization’s HR Administrative Assistant Lisa Corrigan said Mountainview was able to go paperless and move away from paper checks and stubs.  

“Payroll is so much easier,” Corrigan said. “So much time saved for everyone and so much less stress.” 

The payroll system allows Mountainview’s employees to process payroll all in one system. Employees are also able to view their timesheets and alert human resources if there is a problem, such as not punching in or out for lunch, or not receiving double time.  

Streamlined Benefits 

Mountainview also leveraged isolved’s Benefits Enrollment & Administration and COBRA products. Corrigan explained that open enrollment is much easier because the employees can go into the system and select their own benefits as opposed to HR admin staff having to select benefits for employees. 

Benefits enrollment can be a sore spot for many HR and benefit managers. But a comprehensive benefits management system can make the difference between heavy administrative burden and a simplified process for both employees and managers. 

“I have cut down the time it takes it do that [benefits]. Before, we would be struggling,” said Corrigan. “In less than a week, I have everybody signed up for benefits and ready to go. I’m not chasing people down and that saves me a lot of time, and a lot of aggravation.” 

Reliable Service 

Although simplified HCM functionality is key in today’s HR landscape, choosing a provider with powerful support is also essential. No organization’s HR is one-size-fits-all. When complexities or questions arise, business and HR leaders benefit from knowledgeable customer service that cares and wants to help reach customer goals.  

When asked why Corrigan would recommend isolved, she said: “First and foremost, customer service. I really think that is above par. I always get somebody, or someone gets back to me. I know where things are going with my problem. I’m not concerned as much as I used to be with the other company. It comes down to feeling important. As a company, we feel important. With isolved, you feel like you matter.” 

Want to learn more about Mountainview Nursing Home’s experience? Read our case study and watch the isolved IRL webinar.  


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