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isolved IRL: QSR Sees Rapid Growth with Simplified HR

Thursday December 21st, 2023

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Small to mid-size businesses leaders often wear many hats in their organizations – including human resources (HR). For quick-service restaurants (QSRs), a smaller workforce plus complex employment categories and scheduling can quickly lead to time-consuming processes and costly payroll errors.  

D & J Fast Foods is a franchise of the well-known fast-food chain, Wendy’s. The franchise owns seven locations across the state of Nevada and has close to 180 employees with a mix of full-time, part-time, salaried and hourly employees.  

Reaching Out for HR Help 

After being in business for one year, Michelle Hobson, Office Manager of D & J Fast Foods, knew they needed help with HR and Payroll. They were a small but mighty team of three, but with Hobson taking on all the payroll, bookkeeping, taxes and HR tasks, she had no time to focus on anything else. 

That’s when they partnered with Ace Workforce Technologies, a reseller of isolved People Cloud that was later acquired by isolved in 2020. 

This partnership gave Hobson’s team the ability to grow from one location to seven locations in just 12 years. “We are grateful we have a service. It is something that is priceless to us to have,” says Hobson, “We really enjoyed it the minute we started using it.” 

Easing Payroll Burden 

“It used to take me a week to do payroll with this many employees but with isolved, it takes me a day,” said Hobson.  

By utlizing an all-in-one platform for payroll, Hobson and her team can now track payroll and process in a few simple clicks all while ensuring accuracy and compliance. Employees are also empowered with self-service capabilities giving them access to their HR information when they needed and reducing the administrative burden for HR.  

“It is priceless to know the payroll tax returns are going to get done. W2’s are going to get done. The ACA forms are going to get done, and I don’t have to think about it. I just know it’s going to get done because I know isolved is going to do it for me,” said Hobson. 

Boosting EX with Benefits Enrollment 

The Benefits Enrollment & Administration and isolved People Cloud products have also been revolutionary for her business. “I love that benefits package,” explained Hobson. “It’s all there for me. I don’t have to think about anything. I just click add new, add the benefits package that they chose, and it’s all in there. I don’t have to do anything else.” 

Filling out election forms and manual data entry tends to take a lot of time for HR and benefit managers. By utilizing a benefits enrollment platform, D & J Fast Foods has not only freed up time administrative time, but also simplified the enrollment process for their employees by giving them direct access to choosing benefits.  

Hobson’s main reason for choosing and staying with isolved? Cost-savings for her organization.  

“I have to believe that it saved us money over the years,” Hobson said. “It’s priceless to have that ability with isolved rather than having to hire at least two more people to help with the payroll.” 

Dive deeper into our customer experience with video testimonials and learn more about D & J Fast Foods by watching the isolved IRL webinar.  

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