isolved Launches Employee Navigator Integration to Help Employers Navigate Benefits & Payroll

Tuesday January 12th, 2021

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isolved and Employee Navigator have teamed up to help companies, of any size, in any industry, improve their data accuracy, eliminate dual data entry and increase efficiencies – capabilities that have never been more important. The partnership is a bi-directional (360) API integration already in use by employers first in beta and now in full production since last year.

“We saw above-average growth in 2020 due to the magnified need for automating HR’s day,” said Ryan Everett, Partner Manager at Employee Navigator. “Across all of our payroll integrations, we are saving HR and brokers 19,000 hours per month in manual tasks. This means less time spent updating small deduction amounts throughout the year or keying in address updates in two systems, and more time for attracting and retaining great employees. Employee Navigator is excited to partner with isolved as there is plenty of mutual opportunity to provide HR the time-savings they are seeking.”

The ability to sync benefits and payroll data in real-time has always been a necessity but the COVID-19 crisis exposed this requirement further due to the incredible amount of change brought on by cut pay, reduced hours, layoffs, furloughs and restricted hiring. In fact, isolved’s research shows that 54 percent of full-time employees in the United States experienced negative effects to their job in 2020 due to the pandemic. The number-one way their jobs were impacted, was pay being cut – requiring HR teams and tech to be exceedingly agile. It’s a business imperative to leverage an integrated payroll and HCM solution to keep up with the fluidity without adding extra manual work and potential for errors.

Companies leveraging isolved and its integrations save tens of thousands of hours per month combined and Employee Navigator will only increase those time savings. isolved provides add-on HCM modules like Employee Navigator to provide the most extensible employee experience solution on the market. 

Pre-vetted integrations allow HR departments, brokers, network providers and more to create the ideal solution for their individual needs – all with minimal extra costs. The isolved and Employee Navigator integration comes without an API fee and with hyper-transparent pricing of $.60 PEPM for the isolved fee. The improved efficiencies and decreased errors mean the integration could pay for itself and then some. 

“With all technology integrations, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the capabilities, costs and configuration requirements,” said Rodger Biddle, Channels & Alliances Manager at isolved.

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