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Lessons Learned on the Road(show)

Thursday November 17th, 2022

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Over the past seven months, we’ve visited 19 states, 23 cities and hundreds of customers for our isolved Customer Roadshows. Our goal was to meet our customers right where they are and show them how they can maximize their isolved investment. These Roadshows gave our customers a platform to seek advice from our Leadership team while networking with their fellow People Heroes. In addition, customers were simply able to meet the isolved employees they work with on a daily basis to transform their employee experience.

Our customers weren’t the only ones with takeaways. Here are a few of our ‘aha moments’:  

The Future of Work is here!

“The future of work has changed everything. HR professionals now have a strategic seat at the table.”  – Lina Tonk, Chief Marketing Officer

We’ve faced many challenges over the past few years: a global pandemic, labor and supply-chain shortages and The Great Resignation. Employers are struggling to hire and  retain top talent while maintaining a doable workload and remaining compliant. All while employees toy with the idea of leaving their job due to a poor employee experience.

Executive leadership teams are turning to their human resources teams to overcome these challenges. HR professionals now have a seat at the table. They are now helping executive leadership shape the business. As an HCM provider, we are here to help you navigate the constant changes through our technology.

Your HCM should grow with you.

“Our team is here to help connect you with the right people and technology so you can focus on running your business.” – Mike Flannery, Chief Customer Officer

Each isolved Roadshow wasn’t complete without a live demo of isolved People Cloud. Through the employee and employer lenses, we were able to show the power behind the platform. We were able to show best practices and how to engage with your employee through isolved.

There is a lot in store for isolved in the upcoming months and years. Most notably, we’ve introduced isolved On-Demand Pay and our Conversational Virtual Assistant. We continue to grow our offerings to reflect the growth of your business.

Our Customers are True (People) Heroes!

We’ve seen our People Heroes take their isolved experience to new heights. We’ve welcomed many new Heroes into the program and hearing them rave about the community was priceless!

“I LOVE the community. It’s so great and helpful!” – Lisa C.

“I love that People Heroes feels like a community. I’ve learned so much and get to interact with so many people.” – Jessica M.

“I’ve already done so much with the community. From learning, asking questions, responding to my peers… I’ve not only learned a lot but also earned a lot because of the points.” – Melissa F.

HR Leaders Must Become Strategic.

“We want to prepare you for what’s next and to be a more agile HR leader.” – Geoff Webb, VP of Solution Strategy

Our VP of Solution Strategy, Geoff Webb, has introduced a new concept while on the road – the HCM Maturity Model. Many HR leaders run their business with a reactive and operational mindset. However, we see three common traits in successful HR leaders: agility, data-driven and employee experience focused.

With so many advancements in technology over the last few years, we must use it to our advantage to free us up and automate duties. This frees up your HR department and allows you to have more time doing the thing that is innate in us all… be human and connect with our people.

This year we only scratched the surface! In 2023 we'll be bringing you new content, new insights and new locations! Stay tuned... We hope to see you soon!

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