How Technology Helps Employees Stay Informed

Tuesday October 25th, 2016

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If there was any doubt in your mind, now is the time to clear your apprehensions about technology. Paperless offices are the way of the future. Technology is how businesses stay relevant and efficient. Tech also helps your employees to stay informed about their careers, including benefits, perks, and salaries. It’s also a great way to expedite the onboarding process for new hires. Let’s take a more in-depth look at how tech helps employees to stay informed.

Onboarding & Training

Bringing on new hires is easier than ever with technology. Gone are the days of new employees having to spend hours filling out stacks of forms on the first day of a new job. The entire process can be fast tracked through interactive education modules to prepare new hires for what to expect during the first few weeks of their new position.

Training is also more consistent and cost effective when tech is implemented. Instead of having another employee take time away from their responsibilities, interactive trainings allow new hires to work through the training at their own pace, often retaining the information more readily than if they were trained by another employee.

Salary & Benefits

Knowing your benefits and perks as an employee can be confusing, especially if the only way to learn about those benefits is by reviewing the employee handbook was misplaced after the first week. Keeping benefits information in a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) platform allows your employees to easily access their benefits information and any relevant information about their wages.

Keeping this information readily available to employees allows each individual to know what his/her salary is, as well as understand the intricate details of their benefits packages, and any other perks for which they may be eligible. Employees can also keep track of their vacation, sick, and personal time.

Promotions & Transitions

Tech also allows employees to make easier transitions from one location to another. This is especially helpful for employees who transfer across regional or national locations or those who are promoted. Technology helps HR professionals keep track of these transitions and manage remote, regional, and national employees more effectively.

Hiring from within is also made easier by tech, as employees can view available positions and apply accordingly. HR managers are then able to make sure the newly promoted employees are equipped with the appropriate trainings and resources from within the SaaS platform.

These are just a few ways that tech helps employees to stay informed and equipped at work. How do your employees use tech to stay informed about their careers?

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