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The Future Calls for Three Skills – Do You Have What It Takes?

Wednesday April 10th, 2019

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It’s 2019 and technology is revolutionizing our industry. Many technological changes bring about new skills that are needed to handle the path we are traveling. Will you choose success or failure? Your skills, and the skills of your employees, will ultimately determine your path.

So what skills are needed for 2019 and how will you beat out your competition along the way?

A recent Forbes article, “Three Skillsets Every Employee Needs In 2019’s Digital Economy,” details the talents you should have for the digital future of your success. They are:

  1. Human skills
  2. Business enabler skills
  3. Digital building block skills

But are these skills really necessary? Maybe not, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to develop all three. They could be the key to your success. 

These skills have been dubbed by Burning Glass as the “new foundation skills.” Each is essential for integrating job mobility and effectively evolving you in your job market. 

Now that you know the skills, the question is, what exactly does each entail? 

Often referred to as “soft skills”, human skills include how you work socially with team members and individuals around you, as well as how you can add your critical and creative collaboration and innovation to projects. If you can be part of a team and work with others in intense environments, you are more likely to adapt to the demanding advances in technology. 

Business enabler skills are hugely important in that they provide a focus in implementation. This skill is helpful when making sure that everyone is working toward the same goals and end results. Also, they are equipped with an innovative mindset. 

Finally, there are the digital building block skills. These are more technical, such as analyzing and managing data, and software programming. 

AI is already changing many of the functions within your workforce. As you adapt and learn to use AI, you can go beyond the simple functions of your tasks, and instead gain better results and drive your success. 

Now, where should you go for this important information and to bridge the gap in your skills? iSolved has an integrated online learning platform designed to help you boost your skills and become more effective at your job. This LMS, iSolved Learn, can aid you and your team members in getting the training and education you need.  

Our skills will always need to grow and evolve to handle new, demanding tasks in our jobs, and advancements in our industry. To truly succeed, we must keep up with new technology and trends that keep coming our way. 

This applies to both you and your employees. Failure to do so will add to the skills gap that is so commonly discussed in the business world. 

With technology at your fingertips, learning anywhere and at any time is easier than ever. Take hold of the future and all it has in store for your success with iSolved.