Does your time and attendance system have you trapped in a maze?

Wednesday July 22nd, 2015

Estimated time to read: 45 seconds

There’s no argument that data drives your business.  If you were to share a diagram of the numerous systems your data is entered, housed and retrieved, would it look clean and precise or more like maze with no exit in sight?  Numerous interfaces make data collection time-consuming, difficult to collate for accurate reporting and never quite work together as well as we need them to.

Accurate data that is easy to access is becoming more critical to business management and compliance.  Eliminating separate systems that require different logins, duplicate entry, importing, exporting and then piecing all the information together for reports increases efficiencies, ultimately saving money and making that company goal easier to reach.

Crucial to Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance is employee time.  Employers must be able to determine hours, employee status and produce data for filing proper forms.  Employers are finding that a human capital management system with one employee record that goes across HR, benefits, time and attendance and payroll is it.  A single solution lets you quickly update policies, rules, manage time and adhere to legislative changes.  Real time integration lets you quickly determine errors for timely corrections and streamlines communication with employees.  Real time data increases data integrity and provides the business analytics – hours, employee status, over time – needed to manage business-critical tasks.