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Top 4 Benefits of a Better Onboarding Process

Tuesday November 3rd, 2015

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For many new employees the onboarding process is their first chance to really see how a company operates. Does the company provide clear instructions? Is HR and management responsive? Are new hires filling out the same form three times because it keeps getting lost in a sea of paperwork? This not only leads to frustration, it can lead to turnover. Did you know that 22 percent of staff turnover occurs within 45 days of starting employment? For employers that means more paperwork as well as more time and money lost.

So what’s the easiest way to get new hires up and running in the least amount of time and with the least amount of stress? An automated onboarding solution is a good place to start. When you bring on a new hire, this process can feel stressful to both the employee and employer. By getting rid of extra paperwork, eliminating unnecessary steps and automating your onboarding workflow, you can lessen the stress felt by everyone involved. New employees can feel confident in their employer and are less likely to have second thoughts about accepting a position with your company. Four of the top benefits of improving onboarding include:

  • Reduced stress: When you bring on a new hire, this process can feel stressful to both the employee and the employer. During onboarding, you can make sure that the new employee understands expectations and has a clear vision of the company’s values, which will reduce the stress that comes along with starting a new job.

  • Improved job performance: As you refine your onboarding process, consider how this experience can provide clarity to the new staff member to understand his or her exact role. When a new hire clearly understands the expectations of the job as well as the company culture, the performance is much better. Take time to reduce ambiguity around policies and responsibilities.

  • Increased employee satisfaction: Some of the main reasons that employees feel unfulfilled in their roles are lack of understanding of the organization or poorly defined roles. By spending time with the new hire and providing information about the goals and vision of the company as well as outlining job duties, you can provide a foundation for increased satisfaction.

  • Better retention: When employees are happy within a company, the odds of them seeking other opportunities are much lower. As a result, stress reduction, improved performance, and job satisfaction all add up to the ultimate goal of higher rates of retention.

Taking the time to improve your onboarding process is well worth the effort, since it can provide these results for your company. Simplifying and reducing the number of steps taken or forms filled out is a great way to make the experience better for all involved with onboarding.

iSolved, a human capital management system, is all about eliminating paperwork, and its newest addition, Onboarding, does just that for human resources and hiring managers. Onboarding is built directly within the iSolved platform, so you can sign in once and access all of the data it stores in the cloud-based system. When new hires feel like they are drowning in a sea of paperwork, iSolved can help you throw them a lifeline.

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