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What’s so hot about mobile for employees? 4 big things!

Tuesday June 9th, 2015

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The majority of today’s workforce is already using mobile technology, as close to 78 percent of American adults are regularly operating some kind of mobile device to learn, have fun and get things done. Instant access to information provides the capability to access and manage work-related tasks from anywhere, at any time.


The number one reason a company adopts mobile technology is to improve productivity. Businesses can provide opportunities for employees to complete their job tasks with more efficiency, greater accuracy and reduced stress. Many organizations have implemented software and apps to generate reports, spreadsheets and other data with greater ease. A 2013 Mobile Helix survey of 300 IT decision makers determined that their companies would see nearly a 40 percent improvement in productivity if key enterprise applications were mobilized. 


Utilizing mobile technologies can provide a sense of increased autonomy, freedom and control. The employee may feel more trusted and valued within the organization if allowed to use mobile when possible. 


Mobile devices allow employees to better balance their jobs with their personal lives. A young worker today is ready to work hard at a fulfilling job, but the mindset is different from previous generations. People work to live, but also demand ample time to enjoy life. There are various examples of college graduates who initially grabbed positions with high salaries and cool perks, but soon resigned due to other unsatisfactory conditions.

With a substantial number of people working from home, personal and work lives have become blended, often prolonging the average workday. Permitting this type of flexibility can actually increase employee productivity while maintaining low job attrition rates.


Sitting around a conference table talking into a phone that looks like a little spaceship has become obsolete. Mobile devices allow for a more robust meeting experience with video conferencing, screen sharing and other collaboration tools. Remote employees can easily work together from anywhere in real time, participating in meetings and conference calls.

The mobile revolution has reshaped the way people work, play and learn. Incorporating mobile technology has become essential to entice a younger generation to work in their familiar, comfy, digital environment. What has your company done to take advantage of the benefits of mobile?

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