Employee engagement as a content marketing strategy

Tuesday November 5th, 2019

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How are the cold calls, templated email pitches and paid LinkedIn ads working for you as a marketing strategy?

Not so hot, huh?

That’s because prospects are sick of stale, generic corporate messaging. Consumers employ ad blockers, adjust their social media feed settings and create email inbox filters to specifically ignore and delete outreach attempts that aren’t personalized to their individual needs.

So, if your marketing strategy still relies on traditional, outbound tactics, you’re likely swimming upstream with little to show for it.

That’s why companies are switching to inbound marketing models, namely content marketing, as a method for generating qualified leads and shortening the sales cycle.

And yes, employee engagement is a part of a high-powered content marketing strategy.

Organic search

Nearly two-thirds (63%) of companies say their top marketing challenge is generating traffic and leads.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the primary way to overcome such an obstacle. Consider this:

  • 94% of all web traffic comes through Google.
  • Organic SEO performs more than 5 times better than paid search ads.

This tells us two very important things: 

  1. If you’re not producing content to be featured in Google, you’re potentially missing 9 out of 10 of your potential prospects.
  2. Converting readers through organic search is much cheaper and more lucrative than the old-fashioned way: paid ads.

Foregoing content marketing is equivalent to setting your sales and marketing teams up for failure. That’s a quick way to sow discord among staff and prompt them to churn in favor of other businesses that are more ROI-minded.

Engage your frontline lead-gen staff by arming them with the tactics and tools that allow them to surpass quotas and receive commissions.

Email marketing

Search engines are but one channel for driving inbound leads. A tad further down the funnel, email marketing can nurture prospects who’ve maybe read a blog or two of yours and opted to sign up for your company newsletter.

There are nearly 6 billion active email accounts around the world, and 86% of professionals prefer to use email to conduct business. Your workers are inundated with emails, but what actually grabs their attention?

Leverage the insights of your own staff to shape your psychographic and behavioral buyer profiles. Incentivize them to share their likes and dislikes, their favorite email subject lines, their preferred times of day to receive emails, and other details that can help you get into their line of sight.

You can do this via a simple Google Form or through an HCM platform that allows employees to share information with the rest of the company or collaborate on projects that pique their interest. Put these insights to good use by refining your external email messaging.

Social media marketing

Social media provides companies with easy analytics on how their content is performing. But it can also be the perfect tool for generating referrals, showcasing your company’s accomplishments and featuring your top performers in quickly curated videos.

Employees have 10 times the social following as the companies they work for. Equipping them with stellar content to share on their personal feeds can promote your company far better than you can. 

Set aside time each month to interview your star staff members on what they like about the industry and how they achieve success daily. Put your executives and innovators in front of a camera and gather quotes and inspiration from them to circulate internally and on social media. 

Customers want to know who they’re working with and how motivated your company is. 

Through the entire chain of command, employees of all levels should be engaged and incentivized to support your marketing and sales enablement efforts. It’s a group effort, after all. 

Looking for an efficient way to coordinate and collaborate these objectives? HCM software can help. iSolved with Mojo is an engagement tool that’s available within the iSolved HCM platform that allows your employees to collaborate, connect, and share ideas. You can also use the pulse survey and crowdsourcing tools to ask for input and make sure everyone has access to the information they need to generate more awareness about your brand. Learn more about iSolved with Mojo!


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