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Unveiling Excellence: ISG Recognizes isolved as a Leader in HR Technology and Talent Management

Wednesday March 20th, 2024

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As businesses evolve in the digital age, the role of human resources (HR) is undergoing a transformation, shifting from a traditionally operational function to a strategic driver of organizational success.

At the forefront of this evolution are human capital management (HCM) solutions, leveraging advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to empower HR departments with newfound agility and insight. With 37 percent of HR leaders contemplating a switch in HCM providers, the demand for innovative solutions is clear.

Recently, ISG, a renowned global technology research and advisory firm, undertook a comprehensive evaluation of HCM vendors catering to small and midmarket companies. In their definitive report, ISG has identified isolved® as a Leader in Core HR Technology Plus Talent Management for the Small and Midmarket segment. Here, we delve into key insights from ISG's assessment, shedding light on isolved's customer-centric innovation, industry-specific focus, and commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to drive operational excellence.

Here are just a few takeaways from the report:

Customer-inspired innovation: isolved has an unwavering commitment to customer success. As a way of putting our customers first, we travel the country to meet customers and source feedback through our People Heroes Tour. ISG noted that isolved actively listens to customer feedback and turns those insights into product enhancements.

Concentrated industry focus, across many verticals: ISG recognized isolved’s industry-focused services and solutions, spanning many different verticals, including healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing and retail. The firm noted that customers have a pronounced preference for isolved because our platform integrates best practices and functionalities—and eliminates the need for several solutions.

Robust, modern technology: Technology is playing a major role in HR’s shift from reactive to proactive. ISG recognized isolved’s recent investment in analytics, AI and natural-language processing (NLP). These investments serve to streamline operations for customers and enable them to turn data into actionable insights to achieve better business outcomes. ISG also took notice of isolved’s roadmap, which includes transforming its learning management system (LMS) into a learning experience platform (LXP).

Want to learn more about ISG’s findings? Click here to download the ISG Provider Lens™ report.

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