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Why Employee Engagement Should Be Your Top Priority

Tuesday February 5th, 2019

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There's a lot of responsibilities to juggle as a manager – you have to think about deadlines, incentives, and bottom lines, all while trying to coordinate a team of unique personalities and skill sets to push toward a common goal. While it isn't recommended to let any one of those things fall to the wayside, it might be time to focus your attention on one often overlooked area of team leadership: employee engagement.

You may be thinking, "Why? My employees do their jobs and we meet our deadlines." But it's time to think beyond being a simply data-driven leader and recognize that employee engagement can be a powerful force behind major company growth.

Consider for a moment the company culture you have created for your own team and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are my employees challenged regularly?
  • Are they motivated to push beyond what's expected of them?
  • Are they satisfied in their daily work?
  • Do they look forward to coming to work every day?

Of course, some of these questions you simply cannot answer without seeking the input of your employees. But if the answer to even one of those questions is no, then it may be time to think about ways how to increase employee engagement.

Boost Productivity

According to a 2017 Gallup Poll, highly engaged business units not only experience a 41% reduction in absenteeism but also see a 17% increase in productivity. Engaged employees look forward to coming to work and make it a point to avoid missing a work day. And when they do come to work, they work more efficiently and effectively, which leads to a higher productivity rate. Of course, it should go without saying that a higher productivity rate leads to positive growth in all areas of the company. Simply put, engaged employees show up to get things done.

Happy Employees Make Happy Customers

Positivity is contagious, so it's important to consider the impact your engaged employees could have on the customer experience. Employees who feel satisfied in their work are more likely to go the extra mile to get the job done or to satisfy a customer. Those customers are your brand ambassadors. They have the power to promote your company to their network or to try to destroy it after a negative experience. If you see no other benefit in boosting employee engagement, it is simply impossible to ignore the benefits of employee engagement on improving customer relations.

Hang on to Your Talent

Perhaps one of the greatest impacts that boosting employee engagement may have on your company culture is the dramatic increase you will experience in your retention rate. The previously mentioned Gallup Poll also suggests that highly engaged businesses can achieve anywhere from 24% to 59% less turnover.

So, instead of looking for a more fulfilling job elsewhere, your best talent is satisfied in their current employment and will see no need to explore other options. Additionally, as the impact of employee engagement increases your retention rate, it stands to reason that it will dramatically increase the rate at which you attract new talent. Customers aren't your only brand ambassadors – your team also serves to represent the company's employment brand, which helps to establish your company as a desirable place to work.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. You shape the future of your company by deciding what kind of culture you'd like to develop. If you're looking for creative ways to generate considerable and steady growth for your company, you cannot overlook the impact that employee engagement can have.

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