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40-Site Milestone Retirement Communities Solves for Complexities, Compliance with isolved People Cloud

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Eleven states. Seventeen ownership groups. Forty communities. 

When Milestone Retirement Communities needed a cloud human capital management (HCM) suite, not just any platform would do. Not only did they need to onboard a single intelligently connected solution for recruiting, onboarding and payroll, but they also needed to eliminate manual tasks, manage complexity, improve employee self-service, achieve compliance and ensure the right permissions across their 2,200-employee workforce.

When selecting their new single system of record, Milestone Retirement Communities required consensus from 17 different ownership groups before they could roll out technology to over 40 of their communities. 

The alternative, according to Natalie Ross, Executive Vice President of Human Services at Milestone, is a part-and-parcel approach. While they’ve accommodated this approach in the past, it isn’t ideal. 

“With isolved being the HCM technology of choice for every community, we’re already beginning to see how isolved is helping us streamline employee experience,” said Ross. “isolved has been a very good choice for Milestone Retirement Communities.”

A reason for this positive experience has been quickly solving for compliance challenges, including entering rate changes that certain permission levels need to approve, as well as compliantly managing distinct employer laws in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, Virginia and Washington. 

Milestone needed a lot of versatility in who does what work at the site level (e.g., time entry, time punch corrections) and at the corporate level (e.g., payroll processing, PTO corrections). It’s estimated Milestone will save 2-4 hours per employee a month by eliminating manual forms and empowering employees with self-service. It’s already aiding in a better employee experience too. With their previous provider, ADP, many employees simply gave up on setting up their employee self-service account. 

Reducing employee frustrations has been key for Milestone. Prior to isolved Time, Milestone experienced time clock outages and issues. Most communities had rolling issues where the employees couldn’t punch time, or the clock would freeze on them. Every time this would occur, an on-site manager would have to pull out a list and start writing out employee punches with someone needing to go in and manually key in that time for all hourly employees. 

With these issues eliminated, it’s estimated isolved Time will save Milestone $10,000 a month to avoid the hourly time it takes supervisors to solve for time issues and the mistakes that could accidentally be made. With this time back, everyone can focus on resident care and better enjoy their day to day. 

Time and payroll, however, are core to employee experience, with nothing else mattering if those aren’t right. 

With isolved, Milestone also quickly went from semi-monthly pay to bi-weekly, providing employees with greater paycheck consistency. With time and payroll in a single system, this has led to more accurate reporting in regard to terminations, leaves, new hires, one-time deductions and additional earnings. 

In today’s challenging labor market, Milestone also wanted to speed up its recruiting process, and isolved Attract & Hire presented a seamless solution. After cancelling their current contract with another vendor, they now have candidate information in one place and can easily move from recruiting and hiring to onboarding – all in one dashboard. Without needing to send an email for each task, it’s estimated Milestone will save many hours per new hire by streamlining communications and workflows, pre-screening candidates with questionnaires, automatically posting to all job boards and importing all candidate information into onboarding – without the need for an admin or employee to re-enter information.

Their next steps with isolved are evaluating benefit administration (as part of isolved Benefits and isolved Benefits Services) and performance reviews (as part of isolved Share & Perform).  With isolved, Milestone hopes to become even more agile and flexible to their complex needs as well as increase in proactive communication with compliance laws. While the implementation wasn’t without kinks due to complexity and customizations, Milestone has received very positive feedback from their community owners after go-live, and they agree it’s a resounding success. 

“Having one place to go for all things HR, payroll, recruiting and time has been transformative for Milestone Retirement Communities,” said David Sullivan, Director of Shared Services at Milestone. 

The service has also been a game changer.

“With isolved, there is one customer success manager who stays with us regardless if it’s a tax question, a payroll question or a hiring question,” said Sullivan. “The same person gets what they need from their colleagues but is the single point of contact for us, which helps enormously with support and our success. This ease of support has been a tremendous value-add to our selection of isolved.”

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